Block Party

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With the new year comes New Year’s resolutions. One of mine is to contribute more to my blog and continually update my website. That in mind, I have a bunch of projects slated to go down in 2011. Hopefully, I can get most of them done. The first completed project is an invite for a block party. Not the crazy, music blaring, beer chugging, rowdy festival we all love and then hate the next morning but a child’s first birthday/block party. I have to credit the parents for coming up with a great concept for the piece. Brayden’s First Block Party is what I had to run with. A play off children’s blocks and the free spirited gathering of everyone in your neighborhood and your closest friends was something that struck a visual cord that could really push in an interesting way. Unfortunately, I had to come back to reality and remember this was going to every family member and professional type they know. I managed to pull together something I was happy with and pleased both parents. I’ll let you be the judge. Numbers have been edited so there aren’t any surprise guests.

Block Party Invite

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  • Brian Watson says:

    We had an incredible response as soon as they were received. Clay was able to incorporate a personal picture of our child, while supporting the theme we had for the event. Needless to say we could not have been more impressed with the turnout! Clay has developed several business prints and concepts for me and now will be my go to guy for personal and family events!

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